HF Radio

HF Radio products to transform and enhance your HF network.

Building truly capable HF Networks

HF Radio provides a critical backup option to more common communication networks, such as SatCom, but without modernisation they can’t do what you need. Our HF Network products provide the all important upgrades to turn an outdated comms system into a modern, reliable network.

HF Radio


Our HF Radio software makes use of STANAG 5066, the NATO standard for HF Radio communications. We use the latest version of this standard within all of our products, ensuring that your important communications are made using the most up to date and secure processes possible.


Modem Independent

We design all our software to be completely hardware agnostic, and our HF products are no different. We develop our HF products alongside our HF Radio partners to ensure that no matter what modems you are using our software can talk directly to them.


Designed to Enhance

Our HF Radio software has been designed to enhance your current setup. Providing you with a way to effectively, and efficiently use IP applications such as Chat and Email over a tactical data link.


Built for Interoperability

We know that being able to use the existing HF network, rather than creating one from scratch is going to be important when adding new functionality into your system. We developed our HF software with interoperability in mind, using Open Standards wherever possible. So you can be confident that not only will you enhance your HF Network, you will still be able to easily and securely communicate with who you need to.

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