Isode: Messaging & Directory Server Software


Isode provides a secure robust managed directory infrastructure based around the M-Vault LDAP and X.500 Directory Server. This includes local management and integration tools, system management, and components to both provide and integrate with a distributed environment.

Instant Messaging

M-Link is Isode's Instant Messaging and Presence server based on XMPP, the Open Standard for Instant Messaging and Presence. M-Link supports 1:1 & multi-user chat, personal eventing (PEP) and other XMPP services over normal and constrained bandwidth links.

Internet Messaging

M-Switch (SMTP) and M-Box (POP/IMAP) are robust, high performance internet messaging servers with value added processing including authorization address rewriting and message archiving. All servers feature excellent horizontal scaling and multi-platform GUI management tools.

Directory Sync

Isode's Sodium Sync enables synchronization between directory servers and other data sources such as files and databases. Sodium Sync features extensive data transformation, correlation and merging capabilities. Read more about Sodium Sync.

X.400 Messaging

Isode provides a complete set of X.400 products, including our M-Switch (X.400) and M-Store servers as well as Gateway and Client APIs, providing solutions for military and intelligence markets, for the aviation industry, and others needing X.400 solutions.

Security Label Server

The Security Label Server (SLS) is a web server interface that exposes Isode's security label infrastructure for integration with 3rd-party applications, saving developers the cost of implementing security label support and providing end-users with capabilities that can be managed consistently with Isode and non-Isode applications.