Announcing two new products

18th December 2014 Customers News Product Announcement R16.0 Whitepapers

This month, we’re pleased to announce two new products reaching preview release stage. We have been supplying secure, robust military messaging server software to the Militaries of NATO and Allied nations for over 10 years and these new products are a result of our continuing efforts to anticipate market needs.

Harrier is our Android Military Messaging client. The choice of up-to-date user interfaces for Military Messaging is limited and at Isode we believe that the importance of mobile access to military messaging is increasing. We picked Android as the OS for Harrier because we believe it is likely to be the dominant platform for mobile military usage.

The first release of Harrier will include all of the core functionality required of a military messaging client, and Isode has a roadmap to extend both platform support and military feature support.

Harrier is available here.

As well as Harrier we are introducing Icon-5066, Isode’s modem independent STANAG 5066 server, which includes a number of desirable capabilities not found in HF vendor provided S5066 servers (including Wideband HF and├é┬ámultiple platform support).

The first in our Icon (Isode Constrained Networking) product family, Icon-5066 includes drivers for RapidM RM6/RM8 modems and modems from the Rockwell Collins VHSM 2500 family. As modem drivers are written in Lua, a high performance embedded scripting language, new drivers can be easily developed, modified and maintained by Isode and Isode partners

You can find out more about Icon 5066 here.