Isode has grown significantly over the last 5 years and currently has 42 employees, the large majority of whom are involved in development, together with a small corporate staff and a sales and marketing department.

The engineering team comprises a group of highly experienced software developers. The team develop large server multiprotocol products which implement Internet and OSI X.400/X.500 standards, together with GUIs and APIs which are used to manage these products and clients for email and instant messaging.

We are currently recruiting for a Web Application developer, a Software Test Automation Engineer as well as a C++ Software Engineer. We also continue to welcome applications from students looking for a 6/12 month paid placements or summer internship programmes. Please send us your CV via our application form.

Web Application Developer

Isode is expanding UI development as we continue to grow our existing products and develop new ones. The UI team works alongside the other engineering teams to produce web based user interfaces for administrators and end-users.

We build JavaScript web UIs with React that talk to our server products to control and monitor server behaviour, present status information, and let
users get at the information they need.

We are looking for someone will be involved in the design and development of web UIs that are clear and consistent across our product set, and is willing to be involved in all stages of product lifecycle, from initial design discussions through development and testing, to fixing bugs that customers
might report.

As well as working on the client, the role may also involve developing server-side code which will typically be implemented in C++ or Go. So as well
as having experience of JavaScript development, experience of the following would be helpful

  • C/C++/Go
  • Network programming
  • Jira/Bitbucket/Git/Docker/Selenium

Software Test Automation Engineer

Isode are a established and successful software development company producing open standards based e-mail, instant messaging and directory server software. Our workspace is based in Hampton, south west London and we are looking for a software test developer to join our QA team. The range of testing is broad and often complex, including functional, regression and stress testing of network servers, Web applications and desktop applications. The role will require you to work closely with the engineering team to code automated tests and reports on test outcomes.

We currently have a bespoke test and development environment that is being incrementally ported over to a framework based on off the shelf and open source tools, for example Bitbucket, Bamboo, Robot Framework, Docker. Test systems largely run on Cloud-based virtual machines and containers.

Note that we value the ability to learn and adapt to new technologies over specific experience, as the work is both varied and technically challenging. Some of the tools and skillsets involved are listed below.

  • Programming and scripting (e.g. Python, Java, Go).
  • Automation tools (e.g. Bamboo, Robot Framework, Selenium).
  • Containerization (e.g. Docker).
  • Virtualization (e.g VMWare, KVM).

C++ Software Engineer

We're looking for an experienced Software Engineering to work on our core network server products, primarily focussing on the M-Vault high-performance secure directory server. While server side work is the focus, some client side activity (Web and desktop applications) is likely.

The primary development language is C++, though the company is making moves towards using newer languages such as Rust and Go and you should be open to the idea of learning new technologies. Our development environment is based on Git, with reliance on the Atlassian toolset (JIRA, Confluence, Bitbucket and Bamboo) to provide a continuous integration workflow. Our products are delivered on Linux and Windows.

Experience of the following would be useful though are not requirements:

  • Network programming: TCP/IP, familiarity with Internet standards (LDAP, OCSP, SMTP, IMAP).
  • Security: PKI, TLS.
  • Debugging and development tools: Visual Studio, g++, clang, valgrind, gdb, WireShark.
  • Technologies: multi-threading, Docker, virtualization, JSON, XML.

Isode is an established and successful software development company producing open standards based e-mail, instant messaging and directory server software. Our software is at the heart of great solutions, built by our partners, for Government, Military, Aviation Authority and commercial customers in over 150 countries. Our workspace is based in Hampton, south west London. The successful candidate is expected to be based at the Hampton office.