Isode Military Capabilities at DSEI 2021

8th April 2021 Military News XMPP

DSEI is the premier showcase for military technology of all types. Held every other year, DSEI attracts one the largest international audiences, with over 75,000 visitors from 114 countries at DSEI 2019.

Isode will be displaying a number of unique capabilities at DSEI 2021, which you can see on our stand on the UK Pavilion, including:

Military Email

Isode’s end-to-end solution fronted by Harrier, our web based military messaging client, and including message servers and gateways covering all of the major military messaging standards.


Instant messaging, using the XMPP standard, is an increasingly important component of military communications systems. Isode clients, servers and gateways allow XMPP traffic over standard and constrained (SatCom/HF) links a s well as between XMPP and legacy instant messaging systems such as IRC, all of which can be controlled using Isode’s extensive security labelling infrastructure.

At DSEI 2021 we will be giving the first public demonstration of the web version of our Swift XMPP Client.

You can find more information on Isode’s products set for Military Messaging and Military Instant Messaging by following the links.

Isode Military Messaging and Military Instant Messaging products have been successfully deployed with the land, air and naval forces of over 30 countries.