Happy Birthday M-Switch

18th May 2015 M-Switch M-Switch MIXER News X.400

Today we’ve been reminded, by LinkedIn, that one of our core products turns 23 this week. Happy Birthday M-Switch!

The first deployment of M-Switch, then simply called the Message Transfer Agent, was to British Telecom. Since then it has evolved into a range of Isode products, including:

  • M-Switch SMTP; a SMTP Message Switch.
  • M-Switch X.400; a X.400 Message Transfer Agent (MTA)
  • M-Switch MIXER; a message switch, providing conversion between X.400 and Internet email according to the MIXER specifications.
  • M-Switch ACP127 gateway provides mapping between STANAG 4406 and text messaging protocols such as ACP127.
  • M-Switch ACP145 gateway, provides STANAG 4406 message signing and verification.

As well as these core server products we also now offer add-ons to extend M-Switch, such as M-Switch Encryption to add message encryption and decryption capabilities (using S/MIME for SMTP messages and STANAG 4406 Encryption for X.400 messages) as well as an add-on to enable security label mapping & conversion.

Although it has been joined by many other core server products since 1992, products based on M-Switch, under the direction of the messaging team headed by Ian Reissmann, remain a vital part of our business, accounting for over 50% of our new product sales over the last 3 years.

Our commitment to the continued development of the M-Switch family means that it’ll be celebrating many more birthdays in the future.