Harrier 4.0 – New Capabilities

4th April 2024 Harrier Messaging Military Military Messaging Product Announcement

Harrier is our Military Messaging client. It provides a modern, secure web UI that supports SMTP, STANAG 4406 and ACP 127. Harrier allows authorised users to access role-based mailboxes and respond as a role within an organisation rather than as an individual.

You can find out more about Harrier here.

Harrier Message Window

Server Administration and Monitoring

Harrier 4.0 adds a Web interface for server administrators to configure Harrier. Key points:

  • Secure bootstrap
  • Sensible defaulting of parameters to facilitate startup
  • Per domain and global configuration options
  • Security features, including TLS, HSM, S/MIME and Security Labels/Security Policy
  • Full configuration of all Harrier options and capabilities

In addition to configuration, the Web user interface provides a monitoring capability to show server activity and key operational parameters.

UI Enhancements

A number of improvements made to the Harrier UI including:

  • Variable size compose windows, retaining user preferences and stacking multiple windows
  • HTML Message editing:
    • Font bold/italic/underline/colour
    • Lists and Bullets
    • Reply to HTML messages
  • Undo and redo in message editor
  • Organizations in from selection has configurable default and alphabetic sort.
  • Active role shown on browser tab. Facilitates working with multiple roles in different tabs.
  • Extended message search capabilities to include:
    • Filter by precedence
    • Free text search in choice of: body; subject; SIC; action; info; from

Security Enhancements

The following security enhancements added:

  • Per domain S/MIME signing policy (never/if possible/always). Model is administrator choice rather than user selection.
  • Policy control of using S/MIME header signing.
  • Policy choice to alert users to unsigned messages.
  • Policy choice to allow encryption.
  • Policy choice of encryption by enveloping or triple wrap.
  • Message Decrypt on initial access. The primary goal of S/MIME encryption is end to end protection. Some clients leave messages encrypted, which can lead to problems over time if keys become unavailable or are changed. Decryption prevents these issues. Note that for triple wrap, the inner signature is retained.

Other Enhancements

  • Server option to force user confirmation of message send (audit logged). Important in some scenarios to confirm message responsibility.
  • Option to configure multiple address books in different directories.
  • Revalidation of recipients before message release.
  • Timezone option to be Zulu or Local.