Icon-PEP 2.0 – New Capabilities

18th July 2023 HF Radio Product Release

Icon-PEP supports operation of IP applications over HF networks using STANAG 5066 Link Layer


Listed below are the changes brought in with 2.0.

Web Management

A web interface is provided which includes:

  • Full configuration of Icon-PEP
  • TLS (HTTPS) access and configuration including bootstrap with self signed certificate and identity management.
  • Control interface to enable or disable Icon-PEP
  • Monitoring to include:
    • Access to all logging metrics
    • Monitoring GRE traffic with peered routers
    • Monitoring IP Client traffic to STANAG 5066
    • Monitoring DNS traffic
    • Monitoring TCP traffic with details of HTTP queries and responses

Authentication and Authorization

OAuth support added to control access to monitoring and configuration.

NAT Mode

A NAT (Network Address Translation) mode is introduced which supports Mobile Unit mobility for traffic initiated by Mobile Unit.   Inbound IP or SLEP (TCP) traffic will have address mapped so that traffic on shore side appears to come from the local node.  This avoids the need for complex IP routing to support traffic to Mobile Units not using fixed IP routing.

Other Features

  • Product Activation, including control of the number of Units
  • Filtering (previously IP client only) extended to SLEP/TCP