Icon-Topo 2.0 – New Capabilities

17th July 2023 HF Radio Icon-Topo Military Product Announcement

Icon-Topo supports Mobile Unit (MU) mobility between HF Networks, enabling application communications over a wider area than can be achieved with a single ground station. It provides a way to schedule the movement from one HF network to another, ensuring that as an MU goes about its deployment the communications network is kept up and running.


The below is the list of changes brought in with version 2.0:

ACP 127 Support

Mobile Units (MUs) can be configured as “ACP 127 only” with routing over M-Switch ACP 127 broadcast circuits.  ACP 127 MUs can be moved between broadcast on different HFAPs using Icon-Topo schedules.  When messages are routed between HFAPs following routing change,  ACP 127 will be used to transfer messages between HFAPs if an ACP 127 circuit is configured.  Otherwise the message will be protocol-converted to SMTP or X.400 (and converted back to ACP 127 on the new HFAP).

This capability allows flexible MU movement between HFAPs.   Note that MU ACP 127 configuration must be done manually.

XMPP Support

Icon-Topo now supports configuration of M-Link XMPP routing for MU, HFAP and FAREP.  This requires M-Link 19.3 Edge (FAREP)  or M-Link 19.3 MU Gateway (HFAP and MU).  This provides full MU mobility for XMPP services.


Four important new features are provided:

  1. HTTPS (HTTP over TLS) access is provided for Icon-Topo configuration server.   Self signed certificate will be generated.  A standard certificate can be configured.
  2. Directory access using LDAP from configuration and update servers may be configured to use TLS
  3. M-Switch access from update server may be configured to use TLS.
  4. Isode Product Activation now controls both configuration and update servers.