Another Successful Year for Isode’s AMHS Products

12th March 2015 Aviation News Partners

One of the foundations of Isode’s continuing success and growth has been the aviation messaging business. We estimate that over 75% of all of the countries now using AMHS systems are using Isode server products (M-Switch and M-Store) at their core.

These AMHS solutions are built by Isode’s aviation partners, most of whom visit the World ATM Congress every year to meet with customers, prospects and partners. This year the congress took place in Madrid over 10-12 March and Isode also attended to catch up with our aviation partners, thank them for their business and find out what product developments they need from Isode to help them continue to dominate the AMHS market.


The outlook for Isode and our partners in this market continues to be positive and with a large number of deployments due to go live this year, it looks like 2015 will be even more successful than 2014.