Isode at the HFIA #2: MoRaSky

6th October 2014 Messaging Military News

The High Frequency Industry Association (HFIA) provides an “industry driven forum for the interactive exchange of technical and information in the area of High Frequency Communications.” Phyiscal meetings of the group usually take place twice a year and in September 2014 Portsmouth was the location for the latest of these meetings. This is the second of two blog posts covering our attendance at this meeting, the first can be found here.

As an application developer, Isode is interested in how the whole modem/radio/sky system affects the data stream and, by extension, the performance of our applications.

In our final HFIA presentation, Isode’s Jim Peters gave an analysis of variations in the signal to noise ratio (SNR) based on over the air trials performed by our partner, Rockwell Rollins, between Cedar Rapids and Las Cruces. Jim is leading Isode’s “MoRaSky” project to develop a test tool that allows us to model the modem/radio/sky combination. This tool will help us test applications in the lab, prior to live OTA trials.


A PDF of the full text of Jim’s talk Analysis of Intermediate Term variation from OTA Measurements can be found by following the link. MoRaSky is available to all of our partners and integrators. If you’re interested in using MoRaSky, please contact us.