Isode's Directory products include servers and management tools. On this page you'll find information about our products for Directory Server and System Management.

On other pages you can find information on Isode's M-Vault LDAP/X.500 Directory ServerDirectory Integration and Directory Data Access & Management.

M-Vault Console

M-Vault Console (MVC) is used for the creation, management administration and monitoring of one or more M-Vault Servers.

MVC's functions include:

  • Monitoring local and remote directory servers
  • Creating new M-Vault Master and Shadow DSAs
  • Starting and stopping M-Vault Servers
  • Set-up and management of failover clusters for disaster recovery
  • Management of Replication and Chaining
  • Monitoring of Directory Replication status and errors
  • Setup of X.509 Identities for Strong Authentication and Signed Operations
  • Configuration of Kerberos and SASL
  • Database and search index configuration
  • Password policy management, including password hashing and SCRAM

More information on M-Vault Console.

SNMP Monitoring

While M-Vault Console is ideal for dedicated monitoring of M-Vault deployments, integration with general purpose monitoring systems is often desirable. SNMP is the best way to achieve this, and M-Vault supports the latest SNMP MADMAN (Mail and Directory Management) MIBs (Management Information Base), specified in RFCs 2788 and 2605.

SNMP enables integration with general purpose operator monitoring tools such as OpenView, and with Web based monitoring systems such as Cacti.

More information on Isode's SNMP support.