The base X.400 standards and ISPs (International Standard Profiles) are set by two bodies.

  • The ITU (International Telecommunications Union) as a series of documents collectively referred to as X.400. There are a number of documents in this series (e.g., X.400, X.402, X.420).
  • ISO (International Organization for Standardization) and IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) as MOTIS (Message Oriented Text Interchange Systems) and the ISO/IEC 10021 series. These documents are equivalent (e.g., ISO/IEC 10021-7 is equivalent to X.420).

The ITU and ISO documents are technically aligned. There are some small differences because the ITU documents relate only to interconnection with public services, whereas the ISO/IEC documents also cover "local" issues. Isode supports these differences, which relate to different deployment situations, and do not affect interoperability. Conformance to X.400 base standards is listed below.

ITU X.400 Message Handling System: System and Service Overview. ISO/IEC 10021-1, 1999
ITU X.411 Message Handling Systems (MHS): Message Transfer System: Abstract Service Definition and Procedures. ISO/IEC 10021-4, 1999
ITU X.413 Message Store: Abstract Service Definition. ISO/IEC 10021-5, 1999 (Note the MS service is supported, but not the MS(94) service)
ITU X.420 Message Handling Systems (MHS): Interpersonal Messaging System. ISO/IEC 10021-7, 1996

There are two ITU/ISO Protocol Implementation and Conformance Statement (PICS) documents for M-Store X.400, that give a detailed specification of the X.400 services and protocol elements supported:

Military Conformance

M-Store also conform the the following standards for military messaging. ACPs (Allied Communications Publications) are issued by the CCEB (Combined Communications Electronics Board). STANAG documents are NATO standardization agreements.

ACP 123 Message Handling System: System and Service Overview. ISO/IEC 10021-1, 1999
STANAG 4406 Edition 1, Version 3 Military Message Handling System. March1999
STANAG 4406 Edition 2

Military Message Handling System. March1999

  • Annex A: Military Message Handling System Extensions
  • Annex C: Alpha Profile Set

Management Conformance

RFC 1801 MHS use of the X.500 Directory to support X.400 MHS Routin. S. Kille, June 1995
RFC 2294 Representing the O/R Address hierarchy in the X.500 Directory Information Tree. S. Kille, March 1998
RFC 2788 Network Services Monitoring MIB. S. Kille, N. Freed, March 2000
ITU X.500 The Directory: Overview of concepts, models and services. ISO/IEC 9594-1, 2001