There is a requirement for AFTN/AMHS Gateways and for some AMHS Clients (particularly those that have direct AFTN support, or where there is migration from AFTN) to map between AFTN Addresses and AMHS Addresses. These mappings are effectively global, and it is highly desirable to store these mappings in the directory. In the future, it is anticipated that ICAO or a central organization will manage these mappings, and distribute them so that they can be used by ANSPs.

Prior to the availability of such a service, Isode makes available with its packages mapping tables in LDIF (LDAP Data Interchange Format), which can be easily loaded into a directory server. This data can be used for:

  1. Testing and demonstrating AFTN/AMHS address mappings.
  2. As the basis for mapping configuration in an operational service.

Isode has used the most recent data available from ICAO to produce these tables, and will update them based on information received. A full list of all the versions of this file so far released can be found here.

Please note that these files are in a password protected section of the Isode website, please use the contact form or contact your account manager directly if you do not have customer access.

When This Distribution will Stop

Isode is providing this data as an interim service to help its partners and customers. Isode anticipates that in the future there will be appropriate service organizations managing and distributing this data. At this point Isode will stop providing this data.

Isode reserves the right to discontinue distribution of this data at any point and is providing the LDIF file free of charge and without warranty. Users of this data must make their own appropriate checks and validation prior to any use or deployment of the data. It is the user's responsibility to ensure that the data is fit for the purpose for which the user intends to use it. By using this data the user accepts that it is provided without warranty or liability on the part of Isode and the user waives all rights of recourse against Isode in respect of the data.

Isode does not warrant that the data will be error free.

Sending Changes to Isode

Isode will work to keep this data in line with its best knowledge of what information should be held. Please send changes If possible changes should be validated in a directory and sent in LDIF format.

Change History

LDIF File Date/Information
2nd May 2013
Data based on the AMC Tables, OPER119 (02/05/2013)
29th August 2012
Data taken from the Preliminary AMHS Management Domain Register
found here.

4th May 2007 
Based on the latest version of the DRAFT AMHS Addressing Plan and PRMD names for use in EUR/NAT Region, issued by ICAO AFSG PG (document version 0.10, 03/04/06 ).


22nd September 2005
Based on the latest version of the DRAFT AMHS Addressing Plan and PRMD names for use in EUR/NAT Region, issued by ICAO AFSG PG (document version 0.7, 13 July 2005).

25th August 2005 [ldif]