A great way of getting a feel for Isode products is to browse our documentation, all of which is publically available, via this site, using the relevant links. Alternatively you can search across all of our documentation using the search box below. Seperate search forms are available for specific searches of the entire site and our Documentation.

Those with a serious interest in Isode product should consider a full evaluation. Obtaining evaluation products from Isode simply involves filling in the Evaluation Request form.

If you want more details on the evaluation packages available then you should take a look at our evaluation pages.

Administration Guides
M-Vault Administration Guide M-Vault Admin Guide
M-Switch Administration Guide M-Switch Admin Guide
M-Switch Advanced Administration Guide M-Switch Advanced Admin Guide
M-Switch Operators Guide M-Switch Operators Guide
M-Store Administration Guide M-Store X.400 Admin Guide
M-Box Administration Guide M-Box Admin Guide
M-Link Administration Guide M-Link Admin Guide
Harrier Administration Guide Harrier Admin Guide
Evaluation Guides
LDAP/X.500 Directory Server M-Vault Eval Guide
Directory Synchronization Sdoium-Sync Eval Guide
XMPP Instant Messaging M-Link Eval Guide
XMPP Instant Messaging (using Active Directory) M-Link Active Directory Eval Guide
XMPP Instant Messaging for Constrained Link Environments Constrained XMPP Eval Guide
XMPP Form Discovery & Publishing XMPP Forms Eval Guide
M-Link XMPP/IRC Gateway XMPP/IRC Gateway Eval Guide
Using the Isode SPIF Editor SPIF Editor Eval Guide
Internet Messaging Server Suite Internet Messaging Eval Guide
POP/IMAP Email Gateway POP/IMAP Gateway Eval Guide
Email for Constrained Link Environments Csontrained Email Eval Guide
X.400 Messaging Server Suite X.400 Messaging Eval Guide
MIXER (X.400/SMTP) Gateway MIXER Eval Guide
API Documentation
X.400 APIs Messaging API Documentation
Messaging Management APIs ATN Client API - HTML
Event Logging Event Logging Guide

Directory Client APIs

Directory API - HTML