This page sets out Isode's policy on support of releases.

Types of Release

Isode makes two kinds of release:

  1. Major Release (e.g. Release R17). Major releases have significant changes in one or more of the Isode products, relative to the previous major release. Upgrades to new major releases may need specific upgrade actions, such as running tools to upgrade database format.
  2. Minor Release (e.g. Release R17.0). New minor releases contain changes to the functionality of the product. Upgrading to this release from another release within the same major release (e.g., R17.0 to R17.1) should be straightforward.

Releases have one or more versions, and the version is specified after the release number (e.g. Release R17.0v1 is version 1). Update versions contain fixes for defects made since previous versions of the Minor or Major release. Upgrading to a new version of a release (e.g., R17.0v0 to R17.0v1) should be trivial.

The basic version number of a specific release version has three fields, corresponding to the major, minor and version numbers, e.g. R17.0v1.

Fully Supported Releases

Isode provides full support for Major and Minor releases of Isode's server products, management tools and APIs for five years from the date of release. The exception to this rule is the Swiften XMPP Client Library (see below).

Release Release Date End of Full Support
R16.2 April 2014 April 2019
R16.3 March 2015 March 2020
R16.6 April 2017 April 2022
R17.0 June 2018 June 2023

Isode product licenses are platform and release independent, and support includes maintenance so that customers can always upgrade to the latest release. Isode will only provide support for a release deployed 12 months or more after its release date on prior agreement for good operational reasons such as the need to add additional nodes to an existing deployment. The goals of this policy are to:

  • Provide certainty to users and long term support to stable deployments.
  • Ensure that new deployments will generally use the latest Isode release.
  • Provide update releases only on platforms that customers are using.

Swiften XMPP Client Library

Isode currently provides support for version 3.0 of the Swiften XMPP Client Library.

Support of Releases not on Full Support

Isode will provide a reduced level of support to customers with older releases that are not on full support. The main caveat is that Isode will not, in normal circumstances, make any new updates of these older products in order to fix bugs. We will be happy to advise on configuration issues and workarounds to problems, in line with our normal support obligations and depending on the age of the release.

Supported Platforms

A list of supported platforms for our current release can be found here.