Isode was originally established in 1992 as the 'ISODE Consortium'. By 1999, when it became MessagingDirect, the company sold products to customers in 29 countries. MessagingDirect was sold to ACI Worldwide in 2001, and Isode was re-established as an independent UK company in 2002 to re-focus on supporting existing products and new product development. summary of product development activity since that date can be found below.



The first release of Icon-5066, Isode's modem-independent STANAG 5066 server.


M-Switch HF Circuit Management API

An important part of our offering for BRASS (Broadcast and Ship to Shore) systems, the MHFCM API allows control of the Isode Message Processing System products which are part of an integrated BRASS deployment.



Isode's military messaging client, Harrier, is made available to partners. Harrier provides a modern, web-based interface onto military messaging systems.



The open source XMPP client, Swift, is formally adopted into the Isode product set with Isode offering commercial support contracts for this client.



An ACP127 add-on is released for M-Switch allowing message conversion to/from ACP127, SMTP and STANAG 4406. Full support for the related ACP126, ACP128, JANAP128 and DOI103S protocols is also available.


M-Link IRC Gateway

To enable connection between XMPP and IRC systems, Isode launch the M-Link IRC Gateway, connecting XMPP MUC rooms with IRC channels.

ACP145 Gateway

Additions to M-Vault and M-Switch MIXER allow them to be deployed together as an ACP145 Gateway, providing interoperability between national military messaging systems.


Constrained Network Messaging

Responding to the challenges of messaging over HF and SatCom links, Isode released a range of Server and Gateway products for Email and XMPP in Constrained Network environments.


M-Link Edge

Isode released M-Link Edge, used to provide an XMPP boundary guard service either on its own or in conjunction with High Assurance Guards.


M-Link User Server

The first release of Isode's core XMPP product, the M-Link User Server.


Sodium Sync

Sodium Sync is released, enabling synchronization between directory servers and other data sources such as files and databases.



The M-Box POP/IMAP message store is made available, enabling, with M-Switch SMTP, a complete Isode server solution for Internet messaging.


The M-Store X.400 message store is made available enabling, with M-Switch X.400, a complete Isode server solution for X.400 messaging.


M-Switch MIXER

The first new Isode server product, M-Switch MIXER, is released, allowing conversion between X.400 and Internet email.

X.400 Client API

The first of Isode's X.400 APIs, the X.400 Client API, is made available.


New Isode established

Isode was re-established as an independent UK company to re-focus on supporting existing products (M-Vault and M-Switch) and new product development.