HF for more than just messaging

22nd April 2021 Messaging Military News Uncategorised

Over the last two years, Isode has been working alongside other HF experts to update STANAG 5066 from edition 3 to 4, motivated by the need to keep this vital standard current with the latest messaging developments.

One particular area of interest for Isode is enabling TCP applications to perform efficiently over HF links and our CEO, Steve Kille, gave a presentation in this area at the most recent HFIA meeting back in March. You can find a PDF of the presentation, ‘Web Browsing over HF’, here.

In an ideal world all mission-critical applications would take advantage of specific optimized protocols for HF but, as it’s impractical to do this for every service, having mechanisms to support generic services that run over IP in high-speed networks is necessary.


To provide IP services over HF in a reasonably efficient manner, a central challenge is to provide a mechanism to support TCP-based applications efficiently. This can be done with a TCP PEP (Performance Enhancing Proxy), such as our recently announced Icon-PEP product.  Icon-PEP product enables deployment of IP Applications over an HF network using STANAG 5066 link layer as the interface to that network. More information can be found on the Icon-PEP product page.