Web Architecture

Swift follows a modern web architecture. A key operational benefit is "zero footprint" as this approach avoids the need to install desktop products on many machines, which is needed with many older XMPP clients. Key points to note on the architecture:

  • Browser connects to Swift Server.
  • Swift Server connects to XMPP server using standard XMPP Client to Server protocol.
  • Long term message storage is provided by the Message Archive and Management (MAM) XMPP service on the server.
  • This enables horizontal scaling of the Swift service, by allowing multiple Swift Servers to connect to a single XMPP Server.

Data Confidentiality

Swift uses the standard TLS (Transport Layer Security)

  • HTTPS is used to secure connections with the browser
  • TLS is used to secure XMPP connections to the XMPP Server

Admin Controls

With a built-in admin interface, Swift administrators will use a separate account to manage their Swift implementation. This allows the administrator to configure server options such as TLS and to set default application settings.

Browser and OS Support

Swift Server supports the following platforms:

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 & 9
  • Ubuntu 22.04 LTS.
  • Windows Server 2019 & Windows Server 2022.
  • Swift is supported on the latest versions of Edge, Chrome and Firefox. However, it can be deployed on any modern browser

    For more information on the platforms and browsers supported for Swift and all other Isode products, you can click here.

    Open Standards Conformance

    Swift Open Standards conformance is listed below.

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