This document is an index of the STANAG 5066 SIS Application Protocol (S5066-APP) series. The complete set of documents in this series are:

  1. STANAG 5066 Application Protocol Index (S5066-APP1)
  2. HF Discovery, Ping and Traffic Load (S5066-APP2)
  3. SIS Layer Extension Protocol (SLEP) (S5066-APP3)
  4. Providing STANAG 5066 services over UDP/IP (S5066-APP4)
  5. Implicit IP Client over STANAG 5066 (S5066-APP5)
  6. Providing Control Parameters for STANAG 5066 over UDP/IP through IP Crypto (S5066-APP6)
  7. XML Control Messages for STANAG 5066 over UDP/IP through a Data Diode (S5066-APP7)
  8. HF File Transfer Protocol (HFFTP) (S5066-APP8)
  9. HF-PEP: STANAG 5066 TCP Performance Enhancing Proxy Protocol (S5066-APP9)

1. S5066-APP Series Goals

STANAG 5066 is a NATO Standard “PROFILE FOR HF RADIO DATA COMMUNICATIONS” providing a link level service for HF Radio. The latest version is Edition 3 of December 2010.

The S5066-APP series of documents sets out protocol specifications that operate over STANAG 5066 and communicate with STANAG 5066 servers using the SIS protocol. These protocols provide value add to the core STANAG 5066 service.

Isode is managing the S5066-APP series and this index as a community service. The initial S5066-APP documents are written by Isode. Isode encourages other individuals, organizations and vendors to contribute documents to this series.

2. Exchange of Information on STANAG 5066 APPs

The STANAG 5066 APP specifications are all published on this website and can be reached using the links in the table at the bottom of this document.

There is an open mailing list s5066-ep (at) for discussion of current and new S5066-EPs and S5066-APP specifications. Subscription information on the website.

3. Document Requirements

S5066-APP specifications must be openly available specifications that NATO may incorporate into a future edition of STANAG 5066 or supporting standard. They must be free of IPR or Patent restrictions that would prevent this.

These specifications are intended for implementation and must provide sufficient clear information to be implemented in context of STANAG 5066 Ed3.

S5066-APPs must have a clear publication date, and (apart from this document) a referenceable version number.

S5066-APPs must have a status value which is one of:

  • Experimental: A new proposal for consideration.
  • Implemented: A specification that has at least one implementation that has demonstrated viability of the proposal.
  • Interoperable: A specification with two independent implementations that have been shown to inter-operate.   
  • Informational: A document that does not have interoperability considerations.

4. Index

Number Title Status Last Edit Date Summary Download
S5066‑APP1 STANAG 5066 Application Protocol Index Informational 19‑12‑2017 This document.
S5066‑APP2 HF Discovery, Ping and Traffic Load Experimental 22‑12‑2017 This document defines a protocol operating over STANAG 5066 SIS to provide three services to facilitate operation and analysis of STANAG 5066 networks.
S5066‑APP3 SIS Layer Extension Protocol (SLEP) Experimental 22‑08‑2018 This document specifies a layer protocol that can be used over SIS to provide a number of core services that can be used by different applications. This protocol is designed as a replacement for RCOP and UDOP. It also provides compression and a new stream service.