MoRaSky (Modem Radio Sky) is a software tool provided by Isode to help test Isode HF products. MoRaSky provides a service equivalent to HF modems connected to Radios and operating over the Ionosphere.It enables sophisticated testing of Icon-5066 and the applications it supports, without use of hardware or Over the Air transmission. It can operate as with a GUI or command line interface.

MoRaSky can be used in one of two ways:

  1. Emulating a modern modem with data and control interfaces.
  2. Emulating a serial interface (synchronous and asynchronous) connection to a data connection to a modem with fixed parameters.

Capabilities include

  • Emulation of one or more HF networks (multiple networks can be used for ALE and Duplex testing) with support for two or more connection points to each network.
  • Choice of interleaver corresponding to each waveform
  • Choice of bandwidth from 3kHz to 48kHz for STANAG 5069
  • Option to simulate clear channel
  • Configurable Bit Error Rate (BER) on output.
  • Configurable Error Clustering.
  • Option to drop initial bytes.
  • Option to emulate operation at selectable SNR value, with channel variation according to various channel models (CCIR Good; CCIR Moderate; CCIR Poor; AWGN (additive white gaussian noise)).
  • Emulation of delays corresponding to two types of Crypto.
  • Intermediate Term Variation (ITV) following Walnut Street model.
  • Variation of SNR at intervals based on specified list.
  • Simulate regular on/off interference.
  • Simulate Markov chain on/off interference.
  • Modem failure to configurable pattern.
  • Duplex channel simulation (one or two modem).
  • ALE simulation, including 4G ALE and variable bandwidth.
  • Surface Wave Simulation.
  • Movement of nodes.
  • connectivity change between nodes.

HF Tool

Isode partners will often need to test modems, for example to test with a modem variant that Isode does not have in house. HF Tool is an Isode application that directly uses the Icon-5066 modem drivers. It can be operated in three modes:

  1. Controlling two connected modems, so that the HF tool can control what is sent and measure what is received.
  2. Controlling two modems with a channel simulator between them. This enables controlled measurements of performance with varying link conditions.
  3. Use of seperate HF Tool instance cannot be connected at both ends. HF Tool works in a way that enables the receiver to interpret what is sent

HF Tool runs a range of tests to ensure good performance and operation of modem drivers in a range of conditions. It also gives a clear measure of modem performance:

  1. Basic data tests to show data transfer and data loss.
  2. Timing tests to show delays and turnaround times.
  3. Sequenced tests, so that varying speeds and interleavers can be tested with a single HF tool run.

STANAG 5066 Console

STANAG 5066 Console is a GUI tool providing STANAG 5066 server discovery (running S5066 Console on the same HF network), HF Operator Chat (conforming to STANAG 5066 Annex O) and throughput measurements to peer S5066 Consoles with ARQ and non-ARQ traffic to measure network performance.