Icon-5066 follows STANAG 5066 Ed4. This section gives conformance notes on support for each of the Annexes by Icon-5066 and other products. Note that this includes full interoperability with STANAG 5066 Ed3.

Annex Title Notes
A Subnetwork Interface Sublayer All mandatory elements supported.
EXPEDITED DATA (deprecated) option supported.
HARD LINKS (deprecated) and NON-ARQ WITH ERRORS options not supported.
B Channel Access Sublayer All mandatory elements supported.
DUPLEX FIXED and MULTIPLE ACCESS options fully supported.
ALE 1:1 option core function suppported with both IMPLICIT CAS-1 and EXPLICIT CAS-1. Support for negotiated CAS-1 termination planned.
MULTICAST ALE and DUPLEX WITH ALE options not supported.
C Data Transfer Sublayer All mandatory elements supported.
DUPLEX FIXED option supported.
NON-ARQ WITH ERRORS and DUPLEX WITH ALE options not supported.
D Interface between Data Transfer Sublayer and Communications Equipment Supported using Icon-5066 synchronous serial driver.
E Absent n/a
F SAP assignment Default SAP and Priority settings followed by Isode product set..
G Absent n/a
H Absent n/a
I Absent Not supported. Annex removed in Ed4.
J General Requirements for Enhanced Media-Access-Control (MAC) Capabilities in Multi-Node STANAG 5066 Networks Mandatory elements supported.
MAC ALE not supported.
K High-Frequency Carrier-Sense Multiple-Access (CSMA) Protocols Fully Supported including slotted option.
L High-Frequency Token-Ring Protocol (WTRP) Requirements. Fully Supported.
M Reserved n/a
N Guidance on Address Management in STANAG 5066 Networks. Relevant for deployment but does not apply to products.
O HF Operator Chat Supported by S5066 Console tool.
P ACP 127 & Cahracter-Oriented Serial Stream. Supported by M-Switch.
Q ACP 142. Supported by M-Switch.
R Routing Sublayer. Not supported.
S SIS Access Protocol. Fully supported.
T STANAG 5066 TRANSEC Crypto Sublayer using AES and other Protocols. Support planned.
U IP Client. Supported by Icon-PEP.
V Compressed File Transfer Protocol. Supported by M-Switch.