This document is a specification of the Isode simple directory Library API.

The DSAPI allows client programs to connect to, query and modify data in the directory. The following features are currently supported:

  • Bind (connect and authenticate) to the directory.
  • Read and search for entries.
  • Modify, add, delete and rename entries.

DSAPI currently has language bindings for C. The C binding supports two basic modes of access: synchronous (API calls block and return results) and asynchronous (API calls invoke an operation and the caller then has to poll for results subsequently).

DSAPI accesses the directory using both DAP and LDAPv3. The protocol used is determined when each DSAPI session is created.


DSAPI provides a simple API for access to the directory and for manipulation of returned data. Most client applications making use of this API will follow this basic structure:

  1. Initialize the library. See Initializing the Simple Directory API
  2. Bind to the directory. See Session Management.
  3. Perform directory operations. See Synchronous Operations on the Directory and Asynchronous Operations on the Directory.
  4. Unbind from the directory. See Session Management.

The API may also be read by following the links in the Section Contents on the left.

DSAPI Examples