Isode Messaging APIs

Summary Section This page describes how use the Isode SOM (Switch Operations and Management) API.

SOM API - Example Applications

Application Features

These examples exercise the following SOMA features:

  • retrieving Queue Manager attributes (eg channels, number of messages)
  • cause message resubmission
  • view and monitor logfiles
  • retrieve and view messages in the MTAs queue

Full specification of the C API is here

Compiling the Applications

To build the applications an example Makefile is supplied. On Linux run the command

# make -f Makefile.sdk.unix

Configuring the Applications

The applications take command line arguments, and so no configuration of the applications is required.

Running the Applications

To run the applications you simply run the executable from the command line. Running the command without arguments will cause a usage line to be displayed.

Arguments are:

  • host: system on which Queue Manager to be contacted is running
  • username: user in auth.qmgr table of Queue Manager to be contacted
  • password: password of user in auth.qmgr table of Queue Manager to be contacted
  • message: queue identifier of message in Queue Manager message queue (format msg.nnnnn)