Isode Messaging APIs

Summary: Isode provides an API which allows Switch Operations and Management (SOM) Clients to be written by customers and 3rd parties.

Isode R18.0v6 SOM Messaging APIs


SOM servers available are

  • Switch Queue Manager
  • M-Switch ACP127 channel
  • M-Store

The main components of the SOM API for M-Switch Queue Manager are:

  • EventViewing: an API allowing the viewing of events logged by M-Switch of its operations
  • Queue Viewing: an API providing access to information about the MTA's queues
  • Queue Manager Operations: an API allowing operations such as restarting the qmgr,or clearing delays.
  • Message Resubmission: an API allowing messages in quarantine or archive to be resubmitted.
  • Message Viewing: an API allowing messages in an M-Switch repository to be vewied. Available repositories are : the live queue; the archive; the quarantine.
  • X.400 P1 ping: an API which causes the x400p1 channel on the MTA to check P1 connectivity with another MTA

The main components of the SOM API for M-Store are:

  • Messages: an API for examining messages in M-Store
  • Connections: an API for examining connections in M-Store
  • Mailboxes: an API for examining mailboxes in M-Store

The SOM API can be used to manage the M-Switch ACP127 Channel however Isode recommend the use of the MHFCM API to do this.

See for details.

The C SOM API is described at

The Java SOM API is described at

Using the SOM APIs

Having installed the Isode M-Switch product, you can use the SOM APIs using C, Java and Tcl language bindings.

C Bindings

The example C code is in

  • Unix: /opt/isode/share/soma/example/c
  • Windows: C:\Isode\share\soma\example\c

See isode-c-soma.html for details.

Java Bindings

The example Java code is in

  • Unix: /opt/isode/lib/java/classes/somExamples
  • Windows: C:\Program\Files\Isode\lib\java\classes\somExamples
  • Unix: /opt/isode/lib/java/classes/acp142Examples
  • Windows: C:\Program\Files\Isode\lib\java\classes\acp142Examples

See som-java-api for details.

Tcl Bindings

There are no example SOM Tcl applications.