We welcome evaluations of our products and will make support resources available to you for the duration of your evaluation. If you have requirements for Email Messaging evaluations which aren't covered by the basic evaluations on this page, please contact us and we will help you.


Five Email Messaging evaluations are available (Setting up an X.400 Email System, Setting up an SMTP Email System, SMTP/X.400 Message Conversion, Email for Constrained Network Environments and Harrier, Isode's Military Messaging client). The diagram below shows the system in place after all four evaluations have been completed.

Setting up an X.400 Email System

Using Isode’s M-Switch X.400 (MTA), M-Store (message store) and Xuxa (X.400 test email client) products to set up an X.400 email system for local message exchange and connection to external X.400 systems.

Prerequisites: None
Documentation: X.400 Email System Evaluation Guide

Setting up an SMTP Email System

Using Isode’s M-Switch SMTP (MTA), M-Box (message store) and Harrier (email client) products to set up an SMTP email system for local message exchange and connection to external SMTP systems.

Prerequisites: None
Documentation: SMTP Email System Evaluation Guide

SMTP/X.400 Message Conversion

Using Isode’s M-Switch MIXER product to exchange and convert messages between a SMTP messaging system (using M-Switch SMTP and M-Box) and an X.400 messaging system (using M-Switch X.400 and M-Store).

Prerequisites: You will need access to external SMTP and X.400 servers to complete this evaluation. These may be those set up during the "Setting up an X.400 Email System" and "Setting up an SMTP Email System" evaluations.
Documentation: SMTP/X.400 (MIXER) Evaluation Guide

Email for Constrained Network Environments

The M-Switch Constrained Network Messaging products can be configured to exchange a variety of messaging formats (including ACP127, STANAG 4406 and CFTP) over constrained bandwidth links. Contact us to discuss your specific evaluation requirements.

Prerequisites: None
Documentation: M-Switch User Server Eval Guide

Harrier Military Messaging Client

Setting up Harrier, Isode's browser-based secure email client. This guide will show you how to set up Harrier to support a variety of military messaging standards as well as for internet email.

Prerequisites: You will need access to an external SMTP server for this evaluation. The evaluation guide assumes it is the one set up as part of the "Setting up an SMTP Email System" evaluation.
Documentation: Harrier Evaluation Guide


Role Configuration: Cobalt & Harrier

Configuring Harrier (Isode’s web based Military Messaging Client) to offer “Roles” to a User, using Cobalt (Isode’s tool for provisioning users and roles in an LDAP directory).

Prerequisites: This guide assumes you already have a working Harrier installation, such as the one installed as part of the Harrier Military Messaging Client evaluation above.
Documentation: Role Configuration Evaluation Guide


Getting Started

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Isode products can be evaluated on 64-bit Windows or Linux platforms, please read the Supported Platforms statement (in particular the section covering evaluations) before starting your evaluation.