We welcome evaluations of our products and will make support resources available to you for the duration of your evaluation.


Currently one evaluation guide is available for M-Guard, which tests M-Guard using "producer" and "consumer" test tools shipped by Isode as part of this evaluation. If you wish to conduct a more in-depth evaluation, then please contact us.

The diagram below shows a typical deployment configuration for M-Guard.

Setting up an XML Guard

Creating a "Red to Black" M-Guard instance, with basic content checking rules and testing those rules using Isode Producer and Consumer test applications.

Prerequisites: None
Documentation: M-Guard Evaluation Guide

Getting Started

You can start the evaluation process by filling in this short form. Once we receive your form we'll contact you with instructions for downloading the required Isode packages.

Supported Platforms

The host operating system for running the virtualization software (VirtualBox or Hyper-V) in this evaluation guide is Windows 10.