We welcome evaluations of our products and will make support resources available to you for the duration of your evaluation. Evaluations are available for Isode's Messaging, XMPP, Directory, HF Radio and XML Guard products.


Setting up an X.400 Email System
Using Isode’s M-Switch X.400 (MTA), M-Store (message store) and Xuxa (X.400 test email client) products to set up an X.400 email system for local message exchange and connection to external X.400 systems.
Setting up an SMTP Email System
Using Isode’s M-Switch SMTP (MTA), M-Box (message store) and Harrier (email client) products to set up an SMTP email system for local message exchange and connection to external SMTP systems.
SMTP/X.400 Message Conversion
Using Isode’s M-Switch MIXER product to exchange and convert messages between a SMTP messaging system (using M-Switch SMTP and M-Box) and an X.400 messaging system (using M-Switch X.400 and M-Store).
Email for Constrained Network Environments
The M-Switch Constrained Network Messaging products can be configured to exchange a variety of messaging formats (including ACP127, STANAG 4406 and CFTP) over constrained bandwidth links.
Harrier Military Messaging Client
This guide will show you how to set up the browser based Harrier messaging client to support a variety of military messaging standards as well as for internet email.
Role Configuration: Cobalt & Harrier
Configuring Harrier (Isode’s web based Military Messaging Client) to offer “Roles” to a User, using Cobalt (Isode’s tool for provisioning users and roles in an LDAP directory).


Setting up an XMPP System for 1:1 and Multi-User Chat
Using Isode’s M-Link XMPP Server and Swift XMPP Client to set up an instant messaging system suitable for 1:1 and Multi-User Chat. Includes setting up message archives for end-user access.
Connecting XMPP and IRC Chat Services
Using Isode’s M-Link IRC Gateway to establish connections between XMPP Multi-User Chat (MUC) rooms and IRC channels, without downgrading security for XMPP users with XMPP traffic.
XMPP for Constrained Network Environments
Setting up M-Link for Constrained Networks together with the Swift XMPP Client to deliver instant messaging and multi-user chat services over constrained network links such as SatCom and HF Radio.
M-Link EDGE R19.2 Evaluation Guide
Installing and configuring R19.2 of M-Link EDGE, Isode’s XMPP Gateway Server.


Setting up a Directory Server
Setting up a directory using Isode’s M-Vault including configuring the DSA, bulk-loading and modifying data and use of Isode management tools for directory configuration and data management.
Synchronising Directories
Synchronising data between two LDAP Directories (in this case M-Vault) using Isode’s Sodium Sync. Includes advanced sync configuration options and “cached scan” syncs for situations where access to the target directory is not available and syncs need to be generated for indirect transfer.

HF Radio

Configuring Isode's Icon-5066 Server on Windows and Linux platforms for use with applications requiring a single STANAG 5066 node or multiple STANAG 5066 nodes.

XML Guard

Creating a "Red to Black" M-Guard instance, with basic content checking rules and testing those rules using Isode Producer and Consumer test applications.