Isode products include Servers and Gateways for Messaging, XMPP, Directory as well as Guards, HF Radio Products and APIs.


X.400 Message Switch (M-Switch X.400)
Can be deployed either to support local users or as a gateway, switching messages between other MTAs. M-Switch X.400 is widely used in Civil Aviation, EDI and Military environments.
X.400 Message Store (M-Store)
Isode's M-Store X.400 is an X.400 Message Store that supports X.400 P7, and also uses X.400 P3 to connect to an MTA such as M-Switch X.400. It serves as an intermediary between User Agents and the Message Transfer Agent, accepting delivery of messages on the user's behalf and storing them for subsequent retrieval.
SMTP Message Switch (M-Switch SMTP)
Can be deployed either to support local users or as a gateway, switching messages between other MTAs.
POP-IMAP Message Store (M-Box)
Supports IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) and POP (Post Office Protocol), providing the message storage and access component of an Internet messaging solution.
SMTP/X.400 Gateway (M-Switch MIXER)
Conversion between X.400 and Internet email according to the MIXER specifications.
Constrained Network Messaging (M-Switch Constrained Networks)
Military Email Messages often need to be transferred over constrained networks such as HF radio, Satellite and other non-standard channels. The M-Switch Constrained Network Server and Gateway products have been designed to provide the core messaging infrastructure for these environments.
Military Messaging Client (Harrier)
Harrier, Isode's Email Messaging client, provides a modern user-interface to secure messaging on Web. Harrier can be used in both General Purpose and Military deployments.


XMPP Server (M-Link User Server)
The M-Link User Server is Isode's core Instant Messaging and Presence server based on the XMPP (eXtensible Messaging and Presence Protocol) standard. Its feature set makes it ideal for deployments where security, reliability and special functionality are vital as well as for large public deployments.
XMPP/IRC Gateway (M-Link IRC Gateway)
The M-Link IRC Gateway enables connections between IRC and XMPP servers. The Gateway operates by associating IRC Channels with XMPP Multi-User Chat (MUC) rooms hosted on the Gateway. The MUC rooms can be assessed by XMPP users on connected XMPP servers and by IRC users on connected IRC servers.
Constrained Network XMPP (M-Link Constrained Networks)
XMPP works efficiently over medium and high speed networks. Many military deployments will use network links with poor and variable quality, such as SatCom and HF Radio, with high latency being a particular problem. M-Link products for Constrained Networks are designed to optimize operations over these networks.
XMPP Client (Swift)
Swift is a Web based XMPP client for instant messaging and multi-user chat. It contains a number of features that make it ideal for use in secure environments such as Military, Finance and Government.


XMPP Boundary Guard (M-Link Edge)
M-Link Edge is used to provide an XMPP Boundary Guard service to protect organizational boundaries and provide Cross Domain services.
XML Guard (M-Guard)
M-Guard is an XML guard that is used at a network boundary to control traffic. An M-Guard instance is an application level data diode, with traffic flowing in one direction only. Commonly, M-Guard instances will be deployed in pairs, one controlling flow in each direction.


LDAP/X.500 Directory (M-Vault)
M-Vault is a high-performance secure LDAP/X.500 server. M-Vault can be used as a standalone Directory server, as part of a distributed Directory Service or to store configuration and/or user authentication information for Isode's messaging products.
Data Synchronisation (Sodium-Sync)
Synchronisation between directory servers and other data sources such as files and databases.
PKI products
Almost all of Isode’s products, including M-Vault, M-Switch, M-Link, and Harrier make use of PKI for strong authentication and encryption. 

HF Radio

STANAG 5066 Server (Icon-5066)
Icon-5066 is a modem-independent STANAG 5066 server. It enables applications to work efficiently over HF Modems/Radios and allows multiple applications to work simultaneously.
Performance Enhancing Proxy (Icon-PEP)
Icon-PEP enables deployment of IP Applications over an HF network using STANAG 5066 link layer as the interface to that network.


X.400 Gateway API
When building a complex messaging system, there is often a requirement to integrate X.400 messaging services with other messaging or telematic services. For example integration of a military X.400 system with ACP127 Messaging, integration of an air traffic messaging system based on the AMHS standard with legacy AFTN Messaging or integration of a messaging system with facsimile or telex services. Isode offers an X.400 Gateway API suitable for all of these applications.
X.400 Client API
X.400 provides an extensive and powerful set of features, and as a consequence, generic approaches to integrate applications are complex. Many applications built over X.400 have quite simple requirements from the underlying service. Isode's X.400 Client API provides a simple abstraction of the X.400 functionality to meet the needs of client applications.
HF Circuit Management API
Allows control of the Isode Message Processing System products which are part of an integrated BRASS (Broadcast and Ship to Shore) deployment.
SOM Client API
Isode's management tools for M-Switch products are built over the SOM Client API, which is also available as a development kit.
XMPP Client Library
A robust, high-quality, standards-compliant, cross-platform, and performant C++ library for implementing XMPP applications. A native Java (no JNI) port is also available.
Directory Client API
Many applications need to access a directory in order to perform authentication and to obtain configuration information. Isode's Directory Client API provides a simple API to enable applications to do this. This API is designed so that it is easy for applications to access generic directory functionality, and also provides additional functionality for the AMHS (Aviation Messaging) market.