The M-Switch Profiler enables messages to be delivered to recipients based on message content, a capability often required as part of a military messaging solution. The M-Switch Profiler is a high functionality profiler which addresses NATO and other high-end profiler requirement sets.

The M-Switch Profiler is an M-Switch componant which takes an input message and distributes the message to new recipients.

  • A message to a profiled address is delivered to the profiler. This means that any positive delivery reports are generated
  • The profiler determines new recipients for the message using information in the message, such as SICs.
  • A new message is generated and submitted to the MTA, with the new recipients as the envelope recipients.

Message Selection & Processing

Messages are selected for processing based on message attributes including SICs, SIC pattern, originator, Message Type and associated parameters (e.g., Exercise), message priority, message security label/classification, and message instructions. Messages are then processed based on keywords in the message subject and content.

New recipients for the processed message may be 'action' or 'information' recipients. If the Profiler determines that the original recipient of the message was an 'information' recipient, then all recipients of the processed message will be 'information' recipients.

Profiler incorporates switchable plans (e.g. War and Peace) as well as different rules for message handling at different times of day. An Operator Web GUI (shown below) is available for manual processing of messages which cannot be automatically profiled.

Message Protocol Support

The M-Switch Profiler is multi-protocol, operating directly on the three standard military messaging protocols: